🀝Referral Program

We are launching the FOXAI referral program, where both our current community members and new members can earn rewards by inviting new members. The rewards are calculated based on the rewards earned by your invited friends through game interactions.

Referral Rewards

You earn points rewards when your invited friends participate in the game.


If the invited user, B, earns FOXAI Tokens through game participation, the inviter will receive 2% of the earned FOXAI Tokens as points rewards (conversion rate: 1:24000). The invited user, B, will also receive 0.5% of the earned FOXAI Tokens as points rewards (conversion rate: 1:24000).

Frequently Asked Questions about the Referral Program:

Who can I invite as a referral? Users who have not yet been associated with an invitation code.

How do I generate a referral link? Once connected to the wallet, an invitation code will be automatically generated in the referral interface. You can share the invitation code or link with your friends.

How can I invite my friends to join the FOXAI referral program? Your friends can join by using the link you generated.

What rewards do I get for inviting friends? You receive corresponding rewards when your friends play games on FOXAI.

When are the points refreshed? The points are refreshed in real-time.

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