🏁How to Start

FOXAI belongs to every member of the community, and as such, we will gradually distribute it to members who participate in the construction and interaction of FOXAI in a fair manner.


According to the plan, 20% of the total supply (which amounts to 20,000,000,000,000 tokens) will be allocated for distribution. These tokens will be distributed through airdrops to members who meet the $foxai criteria.


For the unclaimed airdrop tokens, we will reserve them and utilize them for future ecosystem incentives and game bonus pools. This is done to ensure the circulation of the tokens and maximize the benefits, while providing more opportunities for community members to participate in games and interactions and earn rewards and returns.

We will continue to make efforts to ensure a fair and transparent distribution process for airdrops and rewards. Through continuous development and improvement of the FOXAI ecosystem, we aim to bring more value and opportunities to community members. Whether you are a new member or an early participant, you will have the opportunity to share in the growth and success of FOXAI.

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