Gameplay Introduction

Users (players) predict the next result as either "odd" or "even" by selecting their choice.

The maximum amount for a bet cannot exceed 3% of the prize pool.

Algorithm Mechanism

$blockNumber$: The current block number.

$gameCounter$: The game counter.

$salt$: A random factor.

$timestamp$: The timestamp of the current block.

$gameNumber$: The game number.

$keccak256()$: The hash function used for calculating the hash value. Mathematical Formula: Let $H(x)$ denote the $keccak256()$ hash function, and let $||$ denote concatenation.

The random number can be mathematically defined as:


If successful, the user (player) receives the betting amount multiplied by 1(principal + principal × 1). If unsuccessful, the user's betting amount is deducted.


If successful, a 7% tax is collected on the winnings (principal × 1 × 7%). If unsuccessful, no tax is collected.

Tax Usage

7% (40% of which returns to the fund pool, and 60% is used for game development and construction.)

Game Content

Beginner's Guide

  1. Queue Information

  2. Selected

  3. Enter the betting amount.

  4. You can use the convenient slider to enter the amount directly.

  5. Displaying wallet balance.

  6. Authorization of funds is required for the first-time use. Once everything is ready, you can get started.

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